How to be More Persuasive


The Truth: It’s hard to shut up. Listening is tough work. I know. Sometimes we
just don’t feel like putting the
time in.

We all have heard those old phrases,

“we have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we talk.”

“Silence is golden”

Those ideas don’t really inspire me to improve my listening skills, but….

Did you know listening is even MORE important than speaking BECAUSE it
is where *perception* enters the picture.

What do I mean? Well, our perception
is different based on our unique experiences,

backgrounds and cultures. So we all interpret

what we hear differently.

This is why many of our communication problems have to do with “how we interpret a message.”

Bottom line: If we don’t improve our listening skills, we face misinterpretations. And misinterpretations are what starts many problems in the first place in our lives.

By improving probably the most

important skill in communication,
you are proactively taking the bull-by-the-horns to solve problems before
the breakdown occurs. You can
increase your understanding of
the other person and gain
communication power.

Still not convinced?

I recently experimented with focusing 100% on improving my listening through the exercise that follows with a friend I have been having issues with. By using this technique for the first time, I found a positive bond created only after a few minutes. A new closeness was there.

Truth: People respect people who listen to them. (Because it is so rare)
The Fastest Way to Improve your Listening!

Here are some VERY IMPORTANT listening ideas: (keep these in your head whenever you communicate)
We can’t not communicate. When we come in

contact, we communicate. Not communicating
is communicating something. Always.

In the spirit of Murphy’s Law, keep these in mind: 1. If communication can fail, it will.

2. If a message can be understood in different ways, it

will be understood in just the way that causes the most harm.

Then once armed with these truths, look for any possibility that what you are saying could be misunderstood. If so, clarify, so things are made clear.
Ever heard this quote?

=>You can make more friends in two months by

becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you. -Dale Carnegie
So the gist here is to be other-focused.


Attitude: Every person in life has something of value to teach me.

Key: Everyone wants to be understood, heard respected and loved.

Assume the responsibility of an *excellent listener*

*********THIS IS GOLD****************

Really want to listen better? Try this.
It has literally improved my personal listening in a matter of minutes of using it. I think it
is “pure gold” in quickly improving your listening….

It is called the Rapid-Repeat technique.

When someone speaks to you, repeat back with what they have just said in your head during the pauses (So you will

hear it in your own voice).

=>Reason: Scientists claim every 11 seconds we engage in self-talk. With RR, you occupy
your mind instead with reviewing what has
just been said instead of going off on a tangent to something unrelated (Like your own memories,perceptions, distractions)
It takes work at first, but filling your mind with

their ideas during the gaps when you are listening you will benefit in two Big ways…

1. You cannot be distracted. Your mind is occupied by repeating what has just been said

in your mind. This eliminates all wandering.

2.You will be repeating what has been said and therefore increasing your memory of
it. Your recall will be stronger and last longer.

Try this out on people, TV newscasts, song lyrics, wherever you can test it out. I
assure you, it can help you big-time!

*********************************************** 3 Steps to More Powerful Listening:

Prepare for it.

=>Listening is a complex activity. It requires

an active response. It takes thought and thinking. So want to listen! Look forward to savoring every word. Assumptions: I don’t believe I’ve understood what has been said until I have verified it completely. Everyone deserves a response based on careful thorough thought. Instant answers are an insult.

=>Listen with empathy: Understand the person’s motives,feelings, situation. Listen with your eyes, heart andsoul as well as ears.

2. Activate
=>Be an active listener. Ask questions, seek clarification.

Use good eye contact and affirming statements, “I understand”, “that’s interesting”

Pay attention to the nuances. The voice, body language, words repeated, how it is said.

Validate and check out what has been said. So what I hear you saying is… “Is that right?”

Never assume you know what the other person meant if the wording is unclear. Ask what they specifically mean when they speak words that are unclear.

Give feedback to help clarify their feelings and thinking. Repeat back what you think they said in conversational style. “Sounds like you…”

Push your own concerns to one side.
Reflect back the feeling, “you sound like you are…”

Let silence and space be between sentences. Give the person time to think.

Smile and use eye contact.

3. Focus
Watch out for internal distractions: unrelated

worries, memories, plans.

Listen for every word.

Don’t jump to conclusions. When bored, take on the challenge of drawing out from the speaker ideas and information that will be of value to your life. Don’t prematurely interrupt.



Find an audio book or video that is 10 or more minutes long. Challenge yourself to set aside 10 minutes to listen intently to every word.

When a distraction comes and your mind wanders, bring it back into focus on the

view in front of you. Keep practicing until you master 10 minutes with an audio book or a video.Then move out into the real world and start



Question: How many times in your life do you have an opportunity to make a difference with the power
of your listening?

Answer: All the time!

When you make the commitment to be a better listener, your life will go places you never thought possible!

To great listening,Sean

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side of your screen. Excellent!

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